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Introduction to CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology

CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology is a new international journal of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, which is a high-level academic flagship platform for sharing technological innovations in artificial intelligence field. It mainly focuses on fields of machine perception, human-computer interaction, intelligent information processing, network intelligence and mobile computing, decision-making and intelligent control, robotics and intelligent systems.

CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology is an English quarterly journal which is co-founded by the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence and Chongqing University of Technology. The journal will become the first comprehensive international academic journals in the field of artificial intelligence in China, and make irreplaceable outstanding contributions for exchange scientific and technological achievements of artificial intelligence all over the world.

China Association of Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) is the only national association of science and technology in the field of AI of China, which has qualification of recommending Academician (fellow) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). The association has 36 branches, including 31 professional committees and five working committees, covering the main areas of research of intelligent science and technology. More than 100 well-known scholars and renowned experts in the field of artificial intelligence are in leadership positions of the association and its professional committees, and more than 12,000 members are active in many kinds of CAAI activities. The domestic and international academic exchanges of CAAI are very active with strong independent innovation ability, which leads to emergence of a series of international leading original academic achievements. As reported in the famous journal of IEEE INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS in 2003, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence is a rising team in the world AI community.

Chongqing University of Technology is a multi-discipline science and engineering college supported by both the central and local governments. It has a long-term accumulation in the artificial intelligence scientific research and talent training. Periodical Press of Chongqing University of Technology has accumulated publishing experience in 6 important international and domestic journals in the past twenty years. In this press, the annual publication issues of journals are more than 50, published papers are more than 1500, and circulation exceeds 70,000 copies. It also received good reputation from readers and authors, received recognition and rewards from periodical management department and other science societies at all levels.

     CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology welcomes researchers, engineers, students in the field of artificial intelligence and other artificial intelligence fans submit papers actively. CAAI also sincerely invites the international well-known scholars in the field of artificial intelligence as editors and reviewers, and to promote the development of international artificial intelligence technology together.