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Title: Magnetic Orientation System Based on Magnetometer, Accelerometer and Gyroscope
Author: Zhiwei Chu Chilai Chen , Youjiang Liu, Yingxian Wang, and Xinhua Lin*
Key words: magnetic orientation; gyroscope; calibration; Kalman filtering
Abstract: Magnetic orientation systems have widely been used by measuring earth magnetic field and provide a pervasive source of directional information. However, to obtain the high precision, orientation systems must be compensated prior to use for the various errors of magnetometers like the bias, misalignment and inconsistence in sensitivity, and the pitch and roll angles, especially in dynamic state. In this paper, magnetic orientation system mainly consisting of three single axis magnetometers, a tri-axis accelerometer and a tri-axis gyroscope was developed. An error-separation method was introduced to calibrate magnetometers. Data from magnetometers, accelerometer and gyroscope were fused based on Kalman filtering. In addition, accelerometer and gyroscope were also calibrated before data fusion, respectively. Experimental results showed the heading error of magnetic orientation system was about 0.1 in static state, and less than 3 in dynamic state, which proved the effectivity of the calibration methods and data fusion algorithm.
Publication: Volume 2, Issue 4 (December 2017)
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