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Title: Proposal of Initiative Service Model for Service Robot
Author: Man Hao, Weihua Cao, Min Wu, Zhentao Liu*, Jinhua She, Luefeng Chen, Ri Zhang
Key words: service robots; service pattern; fuzzy production rules; emotion recognition; intention understanding
Abstract: Service robots are becoming a part of our life. To realize friendly human-robot interaction, an initiative service model for service robot is proposed, which is composed of three layers, i.e., information acquisition layer, in which communication information and environmental information are collected by sensors; decision layer, in which personal intention and emotional states are obtained by multi-modal emotion recognition and intention understanding, and users' demands are obtained by demand analysis model; initiative service execution layer, in which the task execution and emotion adaption of robot are carried out. Initiative service can sense motive of people, by which a humanized and real-time service could be realized. Drinking service experiments are performed, including passive service and initiative service of robots. Experimental results show that the drinking time of passive service lags behind the initiative service 30 minutes on average, and the initiative service renders drinking service 2 times more than passive service on average, besides, the water quantity provided by initiative service is more reasonable, which demonstrates the feasibility of the proposal. In prospect, initiative service model could be applied to many occasions in our daily life, e.g., family service, caring for the elderly, and medical rehabilitation.
Publication: Volume 2, Issue 4 (December 2017)
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